ACTS Ranked among the top think tanks on climate change in the world in 2016

The African Centre for Technology Studies- ACTS has been ranked among the top 3 climate change think tanks globally in the 2016 think tank ranking.

The ranking also shows that ACTS is the top think tank on climate change in Africa.

The 2016 ranking assessed 244 think tanks, specialized in the research fields of climate change and climate policy.

The ranking is based on the authoritative and worldwide known assessment of the most cutting-edge institutions working in the field of climate change economics and policy, by the International Centre for Climate Governance (ICCG) under the “ICCG Climate Think Tank Ranking Initiative.

The ranking is based an analytical data structured around organizational activities, publications and dissemination.

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Why I do what I am doing

By Dr Sandeep Napa, Project Manager, Institute for Transformative Technologies (ITT) - Low Cost Technologies Project

My parents brought us up in a home of generosity. While I had always been interested in social change, I didn’t do much until my final year of medical school. After surviving a near fatal car accident with a friend, my outlook on life changed. I realized that the support and choices that we had, were not available to most patients at our hospital. Moved by the inequality in health and the needless loss of life, I decided to begin volunteering at the blood bank of our hospital and conduct health camps with the Red Cross.

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Application of low-energy battery driven technologies in 500 Watt Clinics 

By Ruth Njuguna, Head of Clinical Operations, Institute for Transformative Technologies - Low Cost Technologies Project

“Excuse me Daktari, please tell me if my baby is OK”, The woman in the queue said desperately. This woman, 27-year-old Nancy was in second trimester of her pregnancy and had noted decreased fetal movements in the last two days and mild swelling of her feet. Being keen on her health she had gone to a local dispensary in Lower Subukia but the nurse there had challenges listening to the fetal heart rate using the manual fetoscope.

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Experiences from conducting a choice modeling survey on domestic energy products in Kenya

By Mourine Cheruiyot 

Technology is evolving rapidly and it is influencing consumers' behaviors, their daily lifestyle, marketing, and business activities. User acceptance of  technology is a critical key factor to determine its success.  I am involved in a project that is studying technology development to ensure it affects consumers’ lives in an inclusive manner but also uses innovative technology.  Recently these came together when ACTS had a chance to use the Poimapper software  (a mobile data collection application) to study consumer choices relating to energy efficient appliances in Kenya.

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